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Livestock welfare and productivity is driven by the quality of the feed they access, be in in the paddock or under intensive feeding conditions.

In order to optimise profitability it is important to ensure that the feed on offer meets the requirements of livestock in particular when supplementary feeding.

As the feeding or nutritive value of pasture, hay and silage varies widely, and it is impossible to estimate feeding value by sight or smell, it is important to analyse any feed for nutrients to be able to formulate a cost-effective ration. Although the estimated energy (ME) value of grain does not vary significantly, the protein concentration does therefore it is wise to test grain as well as the above-mentioned feeds.

The profitability of supplementary feeding is optimised by accurate ration formulation to ensure that the diet is well balanced and meets the requirements of the target animal; Productive Nutrition has the experience and independence to be able to help you.

For further information download fact sheet Analytical service - feed testing, livestock monitoring [PDF]