Our Services


  1. International consulting

    1. Productive Nutrition’s team of consultants provide international consultancy services in the following areas:
      1. Lamb feedlot design, establishment, nutrition and management
      2. Nutritional advice for ruminant animals
      3. Conference presentations

  2. On-farm consulting

    1. One day visit plus summary report
      1. Identify issues that need to be addressed and set objectives
      2. Review the need for a more comprehensive arrangement

  3. Phone Advice

    1. Initial phone advice is FREE – it is important to us that you have someone to call when things are going wrong

  4. Agribusiness consulting

    1. Productive Nutrition offers a range of consultancy options to agribusiness companies requiring livestock expertise. These services may include, but are not exclusive to:
      1. Nutritional advice
      2. Ration formulation
      3. Mineral formulations
      4. Staff training in livestock nutrition, handling & business management
      5. Insurance claim assessments
      6. Livestock business analysis