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Integration of livestock into cropping systems

Livestock complement cropping systems in spreading the workload over the year, value-adding the pasture phase and downgraded grain and enhancing stubble management. Livestock also provide a significant risk management tool in terms of weed control, annual cash flow and a steady source of income in years of below average grain production.

Smart grazing management effectively overcomes any soil compaction issues in low or no-till farming systems with high stocking rates for short periods of time.

Significant opportunities exist for profitable sheep trading in and out of cropping systems however be sure to familiarise yourself with the new Australian biosecurity regulations for control of Ovine Johnes Disease (OJD) that take effect from July 2013.
  • Grazing winter cereal crops up to growth stage 30 can increase grain yield in high rainfall areas where the density of the canopy may restrict potential yield.
  • Utilisation of failed crops for livestock production offers significant benefits to profitability in years where crops are damaged by frost or below average spring rainfall.
  • Winter crops for profitable livestock production – what are the constraints and opportunities?
  • Utilising standing crops for summer and autumn livestock production – exciting gross margins

For further information download fact sheet Grazing Crops [PDF]