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Grazing Cereals

Grazing cereals although widely practised for many generations has found new life courtesy of the Grain and Graze 1 program and funding support to promote the concept particularly in combination with electric fencing to manage grazing.

Trials have demonstrated that grain yield of winter-grazed cereals varies across species, varieties, regions and seasons and that electric fencing is not for everyone.

Although cereals provide a valuable source of winter feed production for livestock managing the balance of nutritional requirements for sheep and cattle is not without challenges. If you find that mineral supplements are not controlling animal health issues particularly with ewes in late pregnancy or during lambing please contact the specialist livestock nutritionists at Productive Nutrition for assistance.

Analytical Services

Livestock welfare and productivity is driven by the quality of the feed they access, be in in the paddock or under intensive feeding conditions.

In order to optimise profitability it is important to ensure that the feed on offer meets the requirements of livestock in particular when supplementary feeding.

As the feeding or nutritive value of pasture, hay and silage varies widely, and it is impossible to estimate feeding value by sight or smell, it is important to analyse any feed for nutrients to be able to formulate a cost-effective ration. Although the estimated energy (ME) value of grain does not vary significantly, the protein concentration does therefore it is wise to test grain as well as the above-mentioned feeds.

The profitability of supplementary feeding is optimised by accurate ration formulation to ensure that the diet is well balanced and meets the requirements of the target animal; Productive Nutrition has the experience and independence to be able to help you.

For further information download fact sheet Analytical service - feed testing, livestock monitoring [PDF]

Intensive Livestock Systems

Productive Nutrition consultants specialise in the design, development and management of intensive goat, sheep and cattle feeding systems. We can help you with site selection and feasibility, efficient and welfare-friendly management systems and cost-effective ration formulations.

For further information download fact sheet Intensive livestock systems - Feedlots and containment areas [PDF]

Data Collection and Management

A successful livestock business is based on the collection and analysis of accurate data to select and manage the most productive and profitable animals on the property.

Productive Nutrition can help you measure, collect, analyse and select livestock according to the key profit drivers in your business.

For further information about our services download fact sheet Data collection and management [PDF]

Mineral Nutrition

Productive Nutrition provides consultancy services that are TOTALLY independent; we do not sell or endorse any products and we rigorously investigate mineral / trace element deficiencies such that the right formulation can be custom designed for your situation and time of year.

It is important to note that the main difference in products on the market is the price not the concentration of minerals.

We have been testing pastures, conserved forage and supplements for over 20 years across southern Australia and have an extensive database of nutritional analyses. Many of the mineral preparations available on the market fail to meet the requirements of livestock with severe deficiencies and often these deficiencies are difficult to accurately determine.

Many products are formulated and/or sold by so-called "nutritionists" who are really salespeople with little understanding of the complexities of mineral nutrition or their interactions. Feeding minerals in excess of requirements can effectively reduce the availability of other key nutrients and unfortunately diagnosis of deficiencies is not always straightforward.

If you would like us to help you sort it all out please give us a call.......